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Responsible Cyber offers a complete suite of cybersecurity services that can be adapted according to your needs and budget to help you manage your cyber risk, build cyber immunity and ensure that you are well prepared to respond and recover in the event of an attack.

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We Are A Group Of Passionate Cybersecurity Professionals

Responsible Cyber offers added-value cybersecurity services and a subscription-based platform that addresses common challenges in the industry to help you achieve cyber immunity and resilience… affordably… enabling you to operate your business with confidence.

Many corporate stakeholders and risk managers are still unable to understand the business risks resulting from failure to address cyber exposures and vulnerabilities. SMEs operating within tight budgets often think they are unable to afford cybersecurity services and many fall prey to cyber criminals alert to opportunities. We are here to help. You don’t need your own in-house experts to achieve cyber resilience.



Our Own Cybersecurity Platform


Attack Surface Visibility

Identify all assets in your IT ecosystem that are exposed to attack. This includes assets in cloud, in 3rd party or partner environments.



Cyber Exposure Analysis

Identify vulnerabilities across people, processes, assets and technology that have caused information assets to be exposed.



Cyber Risk Assessment

Identify technical and business risks that could affect your organization’s information assets.



Cyber Remediation Recommendation

Identify and address cyber threats that can impact your business and cybersecurity before they are exploited by cyber criminals.



Magda is the consummate professional. She has participated as a guest specialist in our Cyber Leadership Program and her contribution has been invaluable. Her breadth of experience across different continents and industries gives her the ability to bring a unique perspective which has helped our participants significantly on their path to become cyber leaders.


Highly engaging, very knowledgeable and what I liked most was the practical solutions she offered. Magda is a no nonsense, straight talking professional that doesn’t use scare tactics like some others I’ve come across! Her focus on educating clients and building confidence makes her invaluable.

Germaine Chia

Hiring Magda as our Asia Pacific BISO (Business Information Security Officer) led to great outcomes in improving our General I.T. and Cyber Security posture including a significant increase in business awareness of the role all employees have in ensuring resilient security. Magda’s passion for all things security, her warm an engaging outgoing manner, her energy and desire for excellence in outcomes along with her deep technical expertise make any decision to work with Magda a very sound one.

Gary Smith

Magda was phenomenal at our masterclass and event! She really knows her stuff and provided information seemingly available at her fingertips. She said it best that when you are passionate about something, you will get excited over it. She gave valuable insights and advice to our professional participants as well aspiring cybersecurity careerists. Can’t wait for another opportunity to work with Magda again.

Ida Bujang

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Email Us – 24/7

We are here to help. You don’t need your own in-house experts to achieve cyber resilience.

+65 9005 9407

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