1&1~=Umm • March 20, 2019 9:45 AM
From the article,
“‘Their research paints a worrying picture of a sophisticated cyberweapon built and deployed by a determined and patient hacking group whose identity has yet to be established with certainty.'”
Is in effect pointing out the attribution problem. The article goes on to indicate that a company thinks it has even identified a University Professor behind it.
Politically it sounds good as it targets Russia, but Originally the same types of researcher pointed at Iran because it appeared to be the Geo-Political choice at the time.
Does this worry people?
It would me if I was a member of that Professors family or one of his students etc. It’s about a decade now since the US raised the ‘kinetic response’ flag. But we forget that some countries actually follow through, as with Israel and Gerald Bull. Oh and the US are known to go after individuals with cruise missiles and more modern reusable thus far less costly UAV drones with weapons like ‘hell fire’. As you would expect there has been collateral damage, that if this continues could easily be comming to a nice middle class urban area near you real soon.
It’s something people real should be having serious conversations about. Especially as there is way to much ‘That’s horible, nobody would do that’ thinking. People realy should get to grips with the notion of ‘If it’s possible then someone will do it sooner rather than later’ as this malware amply demonstrates.
The article mentions Union Carbide and the Bhopal ‘accident’ what few remember now is it was not just cheap labour that caused the plant to be ‘out sourced’ there. At that time there was no compensation law in India that could be used by potential victims to get compensation and the …

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Author: Bruce Schneier

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