by Lisa Vaas

Should you “share, share, share” the “urgent warning” that hackers are “posting sexual videos and pictures on your walls” that are completely invisible to you?
No, you should not sharedy-sharedy-SHARE-share-share, because this latest viral Facebook copy-and-paste-me warning is just another social media sneeze, spreading its hoaxy germs in spite of the fact that it’s been around, growing hair and getting debunked multiple times, since 2011.
I caught this variant on Thursday morning:

And here’s a fancied-up one, archived from its Facebook original, which was made by somebody who evidently thinks that yellow type on a red background gives the message an aroma of truthiness:

To all Facebook users!
Friends be careful!
This is serious!
Hackers are posting sexual videos and pictures on your walls! You don’t see them, but your friends do, then it seems as if you posted it. If you see any such garbage posted under my name, please let me know because
“I did not post it!”
Share this to protect yourself and your friends.

That post was picked up by Facebook’s false news bloodhound and reported on by Politifact, one of the fact-checking organizations that’s partnering with the social network to fight fake news.
It’s declaring the latest outbreak of invisible-to-you Facebook porn to be unsupported by credible evidence and that the warnings are vague and unsourced.

The alert is too vague to be a credible security warning and doesn’t detail how these hackers are getting into accounts, nor does it give any solution besides telling users to let someone know if they see this activity on others’ Facebook walls, which provides no permanent fix.

Gnarly old hoax
Snopes debunked a hoax that sounded very similar in August 2011. The current version has been improved upon …

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Author: Lisa Vaas

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