A Trusted Cybersecurity Partner

We are in an era where technology evolution is at its highest. The way government, industry, and the general public organize, communicate, process, and store information; and conduct business is changing drastically. This change will only accelerate with the increasing adoption of IoT, reaching 300 billion devices expected by 2030. The changing expectations of consumers and massive technology adoption by the business will increase the complexity of the ecosystem. This impacts the related data flows across the environment and between the involved parties, making it extremely hard for businesses to reach, for example, compliance with privacy laws. On the other side, the design, manufacture, operation, and disposal of information must consider the continuous increase of attack vectors due to new technologies’ integration. The confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, especially personal data are becoming more vulnerable, impacting the security and even the safety of societies.

In fact, the risk for the businesses has shifted from the traditional, old-fashioned to new emerging cyber risks. Thus, addressing cyber risks requires specific skill and knowledge. Responsible Cyber, with the mission to keep people safe in the digital world, since 2016 is assisting customers and helping them build cyber resilient businesses.”

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