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Responsible Cyber Pte Ltd is a leading cyber security advisory and training firm with headquarters in Singapore, operating globally.
Responsible Cyber helps organizations plan and execute a holistic cyber security strategy to protect critical business assets and information, to enhance business operations, increase cyber resilience, and improve cyber readiness, with a security and privacy by design mindset.

Responsible Cyber supports organizations across the World, within all industries in developing a mature cyber risk approach. Following a cyber security assessment, our advisors start with analysing business cyber risks to thereafter building a customized roadmap with KPIs with the goal to enable a cyber ready and resilient business, aligned to its strategic goals.

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Why Responsible Cyber?


Responsible Cyber helps organizations address the underlying challenges raised by cloud computing and the shared responsibility model (e.g. Azure, AWS).


Responsible Cyber assists organizations within the security lifecycle, especially with integrating new technologies like Blockchain or IoT Depending on the maturity of certain security initiatives, Responsible Cyber supports the business through tasks including assessing, architecting, aligning or reviewing.


Responsible Cyber provides a range of services to help organizations with their risk management issues, including development of the processes, and building a robust risk management program.


Responsible Cyber defines for organizations the legal and legislative frameworks for a mature cyber security posture (ISO27001 2013 COBIT, MAS TRM, etc).


Responsible Cyber builds an efficient governance, establishing strategic directions and structures, and develop effective cyber risk reporting.


Responsible Cyber builds and runs awareness programs for boards, and/or employees. We address the cyber awareness through innovative, diverse and pedagogical methodologies.

our experts

Meet our management team

Magda Chelly

Magda Chelly

Managing Director & CEO

Magda Lilia Chelly is a Managing Director and a Chief Information Security Officer On Demand. Magda performs her cyber security duties during the day and hacks during the night. She reviews technical architectures, cloud migrations, and digital transformations, and provides security recommendations for her clients worldwide. She has…

Mikko Laaksonen

Mikko Laaksonen

Co-Founder & TISO

Mikko Laaksonen has over 20 years’ experience in IT service and security management, including 10 years on international payment solution development with high-availability and security systems. Technical vision, based on the profound development experience, gives Mikko an intimate understanding of the power of the current…

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