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Coupa Verification: A New Milestone for Responsible Cyber

29 Aug 2023
Responsible Cyber Sets a New Goal: Coupa Certified Profile - Responsible Cyber

SINGAPORE, August, 2023 – Introducing Coupa Verified: A Seal of Trust and Authenticity in the Business World

In a world where authenticity, transparency, and trust are at the forefront of business relationships, we are excited to introduce Coupa Verified - a new benchmark of quality in the supplier industry.

What is Coupa Verified?

Coupa Verified is an optional program offered via the Coupa Supplier Portal account. Through this program, businesses can undergo a stringent verification process, where they work collaboratively with Coupa to validate their contact details and submit critical business documentation. On successful completion, they are awarded the prestigious Coupa Verified badge.

This badge is not merely a symbol. It is an assurance to potential clients and partners that the business has passed a rigorous data review and the business contact details on their Coupa Supplier Community profile are validated and trustworthy. Additionally, businesses with this badge receive a boost in visibility, appearing higher in the supplier directory searches due to an enhanced data quality confidence score.

Responsible Cyber & Coupa Verified

We are thrilled to announce that Responsible Cyber is currently undergoing the Coupa Verified process. We understand the value of trust and authenticity in today's business world, and we aim to further fortify our position in the industry. Our official supplier profile is now active on Coupa, ready to cater to a broader clientele.

It's more than a badge; it's a commitment to quality, authenticity, and trustworthiness in the business landscape.

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