Your CISO As A Service almost too easy! Be Cyber Ready!

July 23, 2018

Your CISO As A Service almost too easy! Be Cyber Ready!

Your Chief Information Security - On Demand, As A Service or Virtual

Languages: English, French, Italian, Polish, Arabic, and Finnish

Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd. offers you a tailored service on tap and on demand. We are your Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and we provide professional and qualified advice in all cyber security domains.  

CISO As a Service - Description

Any enterprise relies on a stable, reliable, secure IT infrastructure. With the rise of digitalisation, and cloud adoption, a successful business is developed around security and privacy by design across all business activities.

Through the service of CISO As a Service or CISO On Demand, we bring a CISO consultant into your organisation to build your cyber security strategy and program. The cyber security program is implemented accordingly to your organisation’s strategic vision and business goals. It takes in consideration local and international regulations, accordingly.

CISO As a Service provides a virtual/presential CISO assistance and support to your business on recurrent and continuous basis, for example for six months to one-year renewable. This service is suitable for small to mid-sized companies most. The CISO might be physically in your office or support you remotely. It is defined with a mutual agreement between yourself and the CISO.

CISO On Demand provides a temporary CISO for your organization on demand. This request is often required for temporary CISO positions before recruiting the permanent CISO, or temporary substitutes for unavailable CISOs due to medium to long term leaves or organizational changes. This service is suitable for multinationals and big organizations, as well.

The CISO consultant efficiently assesses your current cyber maturity and generates an overview of the actual situation and the business cyber resilience. He/she oversees your cyber security operations and builds your security governance program; he/she investigates pain points and gaps, engages the necessary stakeholders across your business and elaborates with you the required solutions, processes, and trainings. The CISO additionally drives the implementation accordingly to your approved roadmap.

He/she aligns business and IT security delivery requirements with your critical business partners, industry trends and technical innovation. The CISO as a Service consultant reports directly to senior management and/or the Board.

The CISO As a Service is a critical service for an organization, and therefore we help your organization to maintain and build all the due diligence for the consultant, and our company, as well as all your business partners, vendors, and technology providers.

Potential areas of focus:

  • Cyber Security strategy and roadmap
  • Security By Design
  • Governance, risk and compliance
  • ISO 27001:2013 I NIST I COBIT I MAS
  • Cyber Security Operating model design
  • Cyber Security Team Specification for CISO OD
  • Cyber Security Assessment
  • Cyber Security Program
  • Cloud Security
  • Secure Digital transformation
  • Policy & process Development
  • DevSecOps Migration
  • Secure Development Practices
  • Technology & provider due diligence
  • Security contractual negotiations
  • Incident Management
  • Breach Communication Plan
  • Security Monitoring Program
  • Cyber Security Solutions Management
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Awareness Training

CISO as a Service - Value proposition

Our service model is designed to be flexible to ensure we can tailor a service to suit your needs. It is important that you select the package that offers you the best value for money and we are happy to discuss the different options with you.

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The Founder Biography: 

Magda Lilia Chelly, is the Managing Director of Responsible Cyber Pte. by day, and a cyber feminist hacker by night. As part of Magda’s company services, CISO On Demand is the most popular. Magda spends most of her time supporting chief information security officers in their cyber security strategy and roadmap. She reviews technical architectures, cloud migrations, and digital transformations. Magda with her expertise, and technical background provides a 360 degrees cyber security support for companies; from governance to incident management, she coordinates and builds resilience businesses aligning best teams in order to provide the most suitable solutions for her clients. She is continuously raising cyber security awareness & diversity at a global scale. Her clients vary from Fortune 500 companies to Medium Size Local Businesses, to high tech innovative start-ups.

She is currently based in Singapore, with a global reach. She speaks five languages fluently and has a PhD in Telecommunication Engineering with a subsequent specialization in cyber security. She also was recently nominated as global leader of the year at the Women in IT Awards 2017, and TOP 50 cyber security influencer globally, as well as TOP 58 Women In Cyber Security to Follow on Twitter and TOP Cyber Security Experts alongside with Kevin Mitnick, and Brian Krebs.

Magda’s achievements are various, and international:

  1. She is awarded TOP 50 International cyber security influencer, internationally as per below link:
  2. She is the official RSAC APJ Ambassador for 2018:
  3. She is TOP 58 Women In Cyber Security to Follow on Twitter:
  4. She is TOP 20 Cyber Security Experts:
  5. She has been awarded CISO Of The Week by Cyber Startup Observatory:
  6. She is a trainer with Singapore Business Federation. See link:
  7. She is an official contributor and brand ambassador on one of the major worldwide known cyber security platform
  8. She founded a diversity platform ‘’ Woman In Cyber’’:, where she encourages diversity and inclusion Woman In Cyber.