Cyber Security Awareness

October 25, 2017

Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd. supports organizations across the world with adapted cyber-awareness programs. 

Cyber-Security is currently a global trend. It impacts every industry. Nowadays, we are using different equipment to communicate with family, colleagues or customers, we integrate connected devices to our networks, and we build more and more complex applications. These events impact our risk levels. It allows cyber-criminals to access to the transmitted data. 

Cyber-security helps us mitigate these risks and protect our environment, our family, our colleagues and our businesses. However, the main threat still remains the HUMANS.

We can help your company increasing the cyber-maturity level from an initial level to an optimized level, where we change the cyberculture of the company. 

We build a customized program including team building activities, workshops, online videos, and phishing simulations. 

Cyber Awareness Workshops

Cyber Awareness Workshop teaches cyber-security good practices through actual case studies and multiple activities. It includes daily routines improving overall on-board cyberspace security. The training includes several topics as Password Security, Phishing and Malware awareness, Email and Mobile Device Security, Backup and Recovery, Online Transactions, Social Media Security, etc.

It encourages to be sensitive to the day to day online practices to enhance e-security, in the personal and professional life.

Our Approach

At Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd. we implement case studies and practical sessions in our training workshops.   

This interactive workshop includes lectures, activities and videos to provide learners the most adequate content. It will allow attendees to understand cyber-security through real case studies in your industry.

Themes Covered

Topics covered include: 

  • Definition of cyber security and its implications on individuals and organizations: This section defines cyber security. It also explains the different economic, financial, reputation and human impacts providing real-life examples. 
  • Password security, phishing, malware awareness, email and mobile device security: This section mentions and describes how to protect your password and email, avoid phishing manipulations, understand malware practices, and secure your mobile devices.
  • Data protection guidance and cyber legislation in Singapore: This section is dedicated to Personal Data Protection Act and the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act in Singapore, describing their main pillars and implications on the business.
  • Discussion of the latest cyber incidents/hacks in Singapore: This section describes the latest trends in cyber-crimes and showcases various cyber-incidents and their consequences. It also compares multiple businesses’ reactions to a cyber-attack.
  • Guidelines on how to protect your organization: This section ends the training with ten cyber-security takeaways.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Participants will learn how to identify cyber threats, risks and vulnerabilities
  • Participants will learn how to lead a cyber security strategy for your industry
  • Participants will be provided with exercises and simulations
  • Participants will develop skills for use in daily project activities
  • Participants will be prepared for progression to gaining a professional or academic qualification

Phishing Simulations

Responsible Cyber helps you analyze the maturity and effectiveness of the training through random phishing tests addressed to your team.

The tests are customized for your business and industry at the beginning of the campaign. We might target different departments with different phishing templates.

The simulation is combined with the flash training and is based on an agile method, to assess and improve the flash sessions over the year. This methodology provides more accurate and effective results.

Team Building Cyber Activities 

Our team building activities and exercises help raise awareness and real cyber responsible teamwork and improved group dynamics around cyber responsibilities. The activities are fun and very energetic. 

We mix games and competitions. We make a difference for your team. 


Cyber Awareness Online Platform 

Responsible Cyber has developed a gamification Platform: From New Hire to Cyber Security Champion.

The platform is very innovative and is pending patent. For more information, please get in touch with us. 


When you bring it all together 

  • Regular Training Sessions (Awareness, Cyber Security Strategy, Cyber Security Culture, Secure Human-Centric Systems, Cyber Security Bootcamp, Privacy regulations and Challenges)
  • Phishing and Social Engineering Simulations
  • Awareness Campaigns (Newsletters, Posters, Talks, Videos, Awareness T-Shirts, etc.)
  • Learning Management System 


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