Cyber Security Training

October 25, 2017

Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd. partnered with Cybrary to offer the largest catalogue of cybersecurity learning content. Cybrary offers the industry's most advanced virtual lab environment preparing your employees to receive Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare, and CompTIA certifications.

55% of enterprises believe hands-on experience is the most important qualification when looking at finding new hires.

70% of employees say that job-related training and development opportunities directly influences whether they will quit.

Learn more about how Cybrary Teams provides the most complete learning and assessment tool, below:

  • Improve your team cybersecurity technical capabilities with instructor-led courses and virtual labs
  • Build and assign a personalized learning path
  • Develop a pipeline to grow your team's skills
  • 105 Certification-Based Labs
  • 120 Certification-Based Practice Tests
  • 120 Virtual Security Labs

Capture-the-Flag Skill Assessments with Responsible Cyber and Cybrary

With over 300 challenges across 30 skill domains individuals must demonstrate their cyber security, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Use these to interview, onboard, or keep your team's skills sharp. The Capture-the-Flag Skill Assessments create a fun, unique way to develop your team's security skills.



Also in Our Services

DPO As A Service

October 25, 2017

Privacy laws and regulations describe the rights and obligations of individuals and organizations with respect to the collection, use, retention, disclosure, and disposal of personal information.

Responsible Cyber can help organizations implement an ISO/IEC 27002 Data Protection. DPO as A Service is providing the company the assurance of data privacy and compliance with regulations like GDPR and PDPA.

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Cyber Security Awareness

October 25, 2017

Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd. supports organizations across the world with adapted cyber-awareness programs. 

Cyber-Security is currently a global trend. It impacts every industry. Nowadays, we are using different equipment to communicate with family, colleagues or customers, we integrate connected devices to our networks, and we build more and more complex applications. These events impact our risk levels. It allows cyber-criminals to access to the transmitted data. 

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CISO As A Service

October 25, 2017

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is in charge of the Information security in the organization. He/She is responsible for supporting the organization's management building a resilient business and mitigating the increasing cyber risks. There is an undeniable business value of assigning a CISO for your organization. This value proves itself as the organization will be able to have higher visibility over critical business assets, prioritize cyber risks and prepare a faster response to cyber attacks.

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