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Hi! I’m Daniel, a recent graduate of Murdoch University with an interest in the fields of cyber security and software engineering. I am currently a junior cyber security consultant at Responsible Cyber, a company providing cyber security advisory services and working with companies from SMEs to MNCs, improving their cyber security posture one step at a time. And on other times, I enjoy a good run!


What do you do at Responsible Cyber?

As a junior cyber security consultant, I have had the opportunity to work with Responsible Cyber on many exciting cyber security related projects such as penetration testing and cloud security audits. I particularly enjoyed my experience with the cloud security assessment where we were involved in identifying security lapses within the client’s cloud-based environment.

The company’s current focus on developing the IMMUNE platform has led my tasks to be more engineering oriented. Allowing me to explore exciting web development frameworks as well as the use of AWS services in a real-world scenario.


Why Responsible Cyber?

I joined Responsible Cyber from the time where development of the IMMUNE platform was commencing. I felt that the idea of experiencing the initial stages from product conceptualisation to (soon) bringing it to market was not an everyday opportunity, and that sealed the decision for me and has been an insightful and challenging journey so far.

Another motivating factor for me is that I have admired the achievements of the founding members of Responsible Cyber, this has encouraged me to learn more from them to better myself not just professionally but also in the aspects of technology, cyber security, and business.


What Responsible Cyber is doing best

I have observed so far that client deliverables at Responsible Cyber has always been delivered with an attention to detail. Security reports provided for Responsible Cyber clients are concise, while at the same time present accurate and useful findings that help improve the security posture of the client. These reports are not just delivered for the sake of being delivered.

Personally, working at Responsible Cyber has also been a joy where colleagues care and learn from each other, making the workplace a more pleasant and enriching experience to be in and about. The company also strives to improve the capabilities of its employees, for which recently has allowed me to achieve the AWS Certified Solutions Architect.


What are your future motivations/aspirations

Working on making the platform production ready aside, I am really hoping that I would get the privilege of time and skills to work on a more exciting certification such as OSCP!

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Protect your life’s work with Responsible Cyber’s platform and services, arming you with comprehensive support for your business, empowering you to stay one step ahead of black-hatted criminals.

Cyberattacks on big corporations flood the headlines, but small and medium businesses are also big targets too. One in every five small businesses fall victim to a cyberattack and of those, 60% go out of business within 6 months. 

Responsible Cyber Revving Up For the New Decade

Responsible Cyber Revving Up For the New Decade

Responsible Cyber is a leading service provider of cybersecurity solutions. Given the efficacy of their solutions that improve the online security of small and medium-sized companies, they have grown at an astronomical rate.

Responsible Cyber provides a fully integrated platform that takes care of the cybersecurity of a business at different stages of growth. It is convenient, user-friendly, and affordable, which has added to the superiority and popularity of the solution. The platform allows busy business owners to pay at their pace, and on their terms while protecting their business. As a result, the business has been expanding at an accelerated pace in the domestic and the international market.

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