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I am Mathea, a French Singaporean PR, settled in the attractive Asia since 2011 and an agile business-oriented counsel.

I have a background in law with a decade of experience in APAC & Europe in MNCs working on complex environment requiring strong leadership & stakeholder’s management skills. Assigned on hybrid roles between legal & business, I spent most of my career as transactional & corporate counsel focusing mainly on technical projects and strategic partnerships.

Shifting my career from a fossil fuel civilization to a data driven world, I have recently enhanced my skills in the Legal Tech field and in data privacy Law.

My roots are in Corsica, a beautiful island in the South of France,  where I still I recharge myself from the bubbling Asia.


What do you do at Responsible Cyber?

Beyond my function as General Counsel, I am acting as a trusted Business Partner for the founders . I ensure that the interests of Responsible Cyber are preserved in our transactions and aligned with our business strategy. On a more general note and coming with a different background, I bring as well another approach to the cyber security experts table including privacy matters.


Why Responsible Cyber?

First of all because I share the looking-forward mindset & values of the founders and the company.

I believe in the holistic approach of the product breaking through the cyber security services Responsible Cyber has what it takes to execute the mission and beyond:

  • Bringing/Providing accessible and cost effective cyber security immunity in few clicks for SMEs
  • Reshaping the cyber security services business  & mindset
  • Designing a more inclusive and safer cyber security space for business operating in a data driven world
  • And then contributing to the incredible potentiality offered by technology for human and for good.


What Responsible Cyber is doing best

Looking ahead with a smart vision.


What are your future motivations/aspirations

To contribute to the success of Responsible Cyber and be part of the new worldwide cyber game.

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Protect your life’s work with Responsible Cyber’s platform and services, arming you with comprehensive support for your business, empowering you to stay one step ahead of black-hatted criminals.

Cyberattacks on big corporations flood the headlines, but small and medium businesses are also big targets too. One in every five small businesses fall victim to a cyberattack and of those, 60% go out of business within 6 months. 

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The First 100 Days in A CISO’s Life

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