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Key Features on IMMUNE

Protect your life’s work with Responsible Cyber’s 360° platform, arming you with comprehensive support for your business. This fully-integrated platform delivers all the tech, with none of the jargon, empowering you to stay one step ahead of black-hatted criminals.


Get More Clients

Do you want to be competitive and  publish or share a public cybersecurity statement, reassuring your clients about their data security?

Strengthen Your Firm’s Relationships

Are you struggling with a third-party security assessment for a partner or a client due to technical security jargon ? Get it done with IMMUNE.

Whether you run a small start-up or a global enterprise with 20 locations worldwide, we’re ready to tailor our platform to suit your needs.

Automatically filter through and understand your unique risks and threats. Your personalized platform will show you exactly what your risks are, going on to showcase how said risks could impact your objective and bottom line. Once the platform knows what’s wrong, it’ll know what to fix.

Keep Track on Your Security Posture

Take charge of your cybersecurity posture with advanced security controls

Our goal is to help you improve your business’s overall security, online and off, with advanced controls to avoid, detect, and minimize the risks faced by your people, processes, technology, and systems. Prevention is always better than cure. Let Responsible Cyber help you detect problems before they become bigger problems, keeping you, your business, and your workforce safe from disaster. 

How can a Security Breach happen ?

Security breaches exploit people, processes, and technology.

With the right security measures in place, you can transform your security culture, and if the unthinkable happens, Responsible Cyber will be right there to help you pick up the pieces.

Keep Resilient with a Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance

In today’s world, it makes sense to pay for insurance on the things that are at the most risk. Your business is one of them, and Cyber Insurance covers your empire and workforce against web-based risks and liabilities. After all, your staff spend more time online than ever before, from social media to Skype and email interactions. With Cyber Insurance, you’ll be protected should the unthinkable happen, safeguarding your budget against the high costs involved with recovering lost data, repairing systems, notifying clients of breaches, restoring the identities of affected customers…the list goes on. Cyber Insurance pays homage to the age-old adage, better safe than sorry.

Keep Updated on Latest Threats

Vulnerability Management

Contrary to popular belief, patch management and vulnerability management are not one and the same. They’re also not “products” like some think, but processes. First of all, patch management, is used to update your operating systems, software, and applications while finding any patches that may be missing. Such patches could be anything from new features to security fixes and beyond.

Next, vulnerability management refers to the process of surfacing network assets while categorizing your applications and operating systems. Vulnerability management allows you to scan assets and reports of known vulnerabilities, while surfacing critical remediation advice so you can take matters into your own hands

Threat Posture Tracking

What if we could detect potential threats in advance, preventing disaster before it strikes? With professional cyber threat intelligence, there are no “what if’s.”

Responsible Cyber empowers you to do the responsible thing, gathering critical information about potential threats so we can take preventative action accordingly. Our world-class threat intelligence services keep the bad guys at bay, helping you make informed decisions on potential hazards – with us by your side every step of the way.

Breach Notification

No matter what kind of business you run, new laws require you to notify your customers, clients, or patients whenever a breach (or potential breach) has occurred.

With our breach notification feature, you will be able to immediately be informed in case of breach of your enrolled systems.


Have Reports at Hand

Compliance Reports

You can now quickly assess the level of compliance and generate reports online for their third parties, partners, and clients.

The reports showcase your business’ controls, maturity, and gaps for an easier assessment and roadmap.



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Our unique Software as a Service (SaaS) solution means you can confidently safeguard your business via the cloud. Consider our platform an extension of your company’s resources, providing protection through customized services that keep your best interests at heart. With Responsible Cyber, you get everything you need and nothing you don’t. We’ll tailor your package to meet your needs, so you can protect your business, your way.

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Protect your life’s work with Responsible Cyber’s platform and services, arming you with comprehensive support for your business, empowering you to stay one step ahead of black-hatted criminals.