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PCI-PIN Gap Assessment


Seita Technologies Oy, a leading fintech firm in Finland, was ready to expand its offerings in the payment sector, necessitating them to achieve the PCI-PIN certification. The Payment Card Industry - Personal Identification Number (PCI-PIN) standard is a set of security requirements ensuring all PIN transactions are processed securely, especially for payment cards.

Our Client: Seita Technologies Oy

Responsible Cyber's Own Offensive Security Consultant

Tom PHILIPPE, a Responsible Cyber Offensive Security consultant, was approached by Seita Technologies Oy to guide them on their journey to obtain the PCI-PIN certification, and prepared for the audit.

With a knack for identifying vulnerabilities and understanding the complexities of payment security, Tom was the ideal candidate to assist them.


Tom began by conducting a comprehensive assessment of Seita’s current infrastructure, identifying potential security gaps and understanding their current data flow.


Based on his findings, Tom provided a list of improvements and best practices to implement. This ranged from technical enhancements to process changes.


Tom emphasized the importance of thorough documentation, ensuring that Seita had all the necessary proofs and papers ready for the certifying body's review.

Seita Technologies Oy not only achieved a significant milestone in obtaining the PCI-PIN certification but also pioneered a transformative shift towards ingraining security consciousness throughout the organization.

This accomplishment was not merely about achieving a certification, but rather a testament to Seita Technologies Oy's unwavering commitment to uphold the highest standards in data protection, particularly in the realm of sensitive Personal Identification Number (PIN) data processing. Their dedication to security was manifest, fostering a profound level of trust among their esteemed clientele and strategic partners.

This PCI-PIN certification was not merely a badge of honor for Seita; it was a pivotal turning point. This esteemed recognition enabled them to garner the attention of major financial behemoths, forging valuable alliances that would serve to further solidify their burgeoning presence in the intricate payment sector. Such achievements have set Seita Technologies Oy on a trajectory towards becoming a key player in this highly competitive domain.

With the invaluable insights and guidance provided by Tom PHILIPPE, Seita Technologies Oy was not only poised for exponential growth but ensured that such growth was deeply rooted in a bedrock of rigorous security protocols. This robust foundation provided the assurance that as they advanced and innovated, their operations remained secure, compliant, and ahead of industry benchmarks.


Country Manager, United Kingdom, Founding Team Member & Offensive Security Professional

Tom is a seasoned Information Security Professional, renowned for his technical prowess and analytical approach. As one of the founding members of Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd., he's been instrumental in creating IMMUNE, a state-of-the-art risk management, and cybersecurity cloud platform.

His expertise extends beyond penetration testing, delving into areas like risk management, data loss protection, AWS security, and software development. With high aspirations, Tom is determined to establish and lead a formidable red team within Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd. He is perpetually enhancing his knowledge and utilizing his skills to refine the IMMUNE platform, ensuring it stands as a premier solution that intersects the domains of information security, privacy, and cyber risk management.

A natural team leader, Tom's transparent and direct communication style, coupled with his deep passion for cybersecurity, serves as an inspiration for those around him.

Cyber Risk Assessment for a Telecommunication Provider in Madagascar


In the heart of Madagascar, the leading national telecommunication provider holds a crucial role in connecting millions across the island nation. As the primary service provider, they are not just responsible for seamless connectivity but also for safeguarding sensitive user data and maintaining trust.


With the rise in cyber threats globally and the ever-evolving digital landscape, the telecommunication provider recognized the need to bolster its defenses. They aimed to understand their current vulnerabilities, fortify their infrastructure, and ensure they remained a step ahead of potential cyber adversaries.


Understanding the weight of the responsibility, the telecom giant engaged a team of senior cybersecurity consultants from Responsible Cyber. Renowned for their expertise, the team was entrusted with conducting a comprehensive Cyber Risk Assessment.


  • Initial Analysis: The team started with a deep dive into the telecom's existing infrastructure, processes, and digital touchpoints. They aimed to understand the breadth and depth of potential risks.
  • Threat Modelling: Given the critical nature of the telecom infrastructure, the team identified potential threat actors, their motivations, and possible attack vectors. This step ensured that the defense mechanisms were tailored to counter specific threats.
  • Vulnerability Scanning: Using state-of-the-art tools, the consultants identified vulnerabilities in the system, from outdated software patches to potential backdoors in the network.
  • Data Flow Analysis: Recognizing the importance of user data, the consultants traced the flow of sensitive information across the network, ensuring encryption and security at every touchpoint.
  • Recommendations and Action Plan: Post-assessment, the team provided a detailed report outlining vulnerabilities, potential threats, and recommended countermeasures. They also proposed a phased action plan, ensuring prioritized strengthening of the telecom's cyber defenses.
  • Cybersecurity Strategy & Roadmap: The team delivered a three-year strategy and roadmap with major detailed steps to bolster and reinforce the organization's cyber defenses.
  • Training & Awareness: Beyond the technical aspect, the consultants emphasized the human element. Workshops and training sessions were organized for the telecom staff, ensuring they were aware of the best practices and could act as the first line of defense against potential threats.



With the comprehensive Cyber Risk Assessment carried out by Responsible Cyber's senior consultants, Madagascar's premier telecommunication provider was not only able to fortify its defenses but also instill a culture of cybersecurity awareness. The proactive measures ensured that they could continue to serve the nation with enhanced trust and reliability, ready to counter any cyber threat that might come their way.

The engagement led to a continuously and regular support, especially around secure coding training and awareness.

Third-Party Risk Assessment POV

In today's digital age, a leading insurance conglomerate relies heavily on its vast network of third-party vendors and partners to drive its expansive operations. While these partnerships have optimized processes and enhanced services, they have concurrently exposed the firm to cyber vulnerabilities. Identifying this growing cyber risk, the enterprise was propelled to revamp its third-party cyber risk infrastructure.

Aware of Responsible Cyber's specialized capabilities, particularly their groundbreaking IMMUNE X-TPRM solution for third-party risk management, the enterprise decided to embark on a collaborative journey. What caught their attention was IMMUNE's Proof of Value (PoV) initiative, promising an in-depth risk assessment.


Proof of Value (PoV): Kickstarting the initiative, IMMUNE rolled out a focused PoV. They diligently evaluated a curated list of the enterprise’s third-party associates for potential cyber threats, using IMMUNE X-TPRM. This demonstration not only provided an insightful snapshot of the solution's potential but also deeply fascinated the organization's IT and technology teams, propelling their interest further. 


The progression from an intriguing PoV to a comprehensive contractual engagement stands as a testament to the trust, value, and robust security that IMMUNE X-TPRM, backed by Responsible Cyber, brings to the table for an organization's third-party risk management efforts.

IMMUNE X-TPRM Implementation for A Major University in Singapore

In the vibrant ecosystem of a major university, there's an intricate web of third-party collaborations.

From software providers for research data analysis to vendors supplying laboratory equipment, the interactions are multifaceted. While these partnerships amplify the university's capabilities, they also introduce potential cyber vulnerabilities.

Recognizing the need to fortify its digital interactions and safeguard sensitive data, the university sought a robust third-party risk management solution.
With a knack for identifying vulnerabilities and understanding the complexities of payment security, Tom was the ideal candidate to assist them.


A university's digital landscape is diverse. From student information systems and research databases to administrative tools and digital learning platforms, the gamut of third-party engagements is vast. Ensuring the cyber resilience of each of these touchpoints was paramount. The university needed a comprehensive solution that would provide visibility into the cyber posture of its third-party vendors and streamline the risk management process.


Having heard of Responsible Cyber's pioneering efforts in third-party risk management, the university approached them to address their challenges.

IMMUNE X-TPRM's solution promised not only a detailed risk assessment but also actionable insights for mitigation.


  • Discovery: Responsible Cyber initiated the project by identifying and assessing the current third-party risk framework the university had in place.
  • Risk Assessment: IMMUNE X-TPRM platform was deployed to gauge the cybersecurity measures, and extensive other risk data points of each third-party entity. Comprehensive risk profiles were generated, offering the university a granular understanding of potential vulnerabilities.
  • Prioritization: Not all vulnerabilities carry the same weight. The platform helped the university prioritize risks based on their potential impact, ensuring that critical issues were addressed first.
  • Real-time Monitoring: The dynamic nature of cyber threats necessitated continuous vigilance.
  • Collaborative Mitigation: IMMUNE didn’t just identify risks; they also worked closely with the university to continuously enhance the platform. Regular workshops and consultations ensured that the university's IT team was equipped to handle those risks.
  • Reporting and Insights: Through intuitive dashboards and detailed reports, the university's management was kept informed about their third-party engagements and associated risks, facilitating informed decision-making.


With Responsible Cyber's IMMUNE X-TPRM platform, the university transformed its third-party risk management approach. The platform's insights empowered the university to fortify its defenses, ensuring that students, staff, and research initiatives remained protected from potential cyber threats. The collaboration with IMMUNE reinforced the institution's commitment to cyber resilience and data protection with a multi-year commitment.

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