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Managing third-party relationships is an essential aspect of modern business operations, as organizations increasingly rely on external vendors, suppliers, and partners. While these relationships can create significant value, they also introduce risks that must be carefully managed to protect organizational interests.

Our services are designed to provide a comprehensive view of the risks associated with third-party relationships. We assess not only the immediate financial and operational risks but also the potential legal, reputational, and strategic implications.

Give Us 60 Minutes & We'll Guide You Through Crafting a Resilient Third-Party Risk Management Strategy, and Addressing Compliance Challenges!

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Are you struggling with the complexity of managing third-party risks?

Frustrated by difficulties in assessing and monitoring third-party compliance? Overwhelmed by a multitude of vendors and contracts that seem to complicate rather than streamline your risk management?

At Responsible Cyber, we help businesses secure and optimize their third-party relationships, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and compliance requirements.

In the last 7 years, we’ve guided hundreds of organizations on how to effectively manage third-party risks without overspending and with a clear understanding of potential impacts. We’ve achieved impressive results for our clients, and we can do the same for you too.

Simply Follow Our Blueprint To Success & You'll Avoid Costly Oversights!

In the fast-paced and interconnected world of modern business, third-party relationships are more essential and potentially risky than ever before. At Responsible Cyber, we recognize that managing these relationships is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. That's why we provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to address the unique challenges faced by your organization.

Here's a look at how we can help you build a resilient and secure operation with robust third-party risk management.

Third Party Risk Management

We believe that third-party risk management should be more than an isolated function; it should be fully integrated into your broader business strategy. Our approach ensures that your third-party risk management efforts align with and actively support your overall organizational goals, whether it's growth, efficiency, compliance, or innovation.

  • Customized Strategies and Tools: Recognizing that every organization and third-party relationship is unique, we don't offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Our services reflect your specific realities, providing customized strategies, methods, and tools to assess and manage third-party risks based on your industry, business model, regulatory environment, and strategic objectives.

  • Ethical and Legal Compliance: In today's interconnected business landscape, third-party risk management must navigate a complex web of ethical considerations and legal obligations. Our approach goes beyond mere compliance, providing a detailed analysis of requirements and actively promoting ethical conduct, ensuring that your third-party relationships meet all relevant legal and ethical standards.

  • Continuous Monitoring and Improvement: Because third-party risks are dynamic and can change as relationships evolve, markets shift, and regulations are updated, static solutions are insufficient. We provide continuous monitoring and regular reassessment, embracing an adaptive and responsive approach that ensures your third-party risk management strategies remain effective and aligned with your changing business needs.

  • Maximizing Return on Investment (ROI): Effective third-party risk management is not merely about avoiding potential pitfalls; it's about turning challenges into opportunities. Our services are designed to help you identify and seize these opportunities, optimizing third-party relationships and contributing directly to your bottom line.


Your success is our success. With our expertise in third-party risk management, we become an extension of your team, a partner committed to your growth and protection. We bring to the table not just tools and strategies but a shared vision, working hand-in-hand to build resilience, foster innovation, and drive sustainable success.

Together, we can transform third-party risk management from a challenge into a competitive advantage. Join us on this journey, and let's redefine what's possible.


Navigate your business relationships with ease using IMMUNE X-TPRMTM (Extended Third-Party Risk Management), the industry's leading intelligent platform for managing risks associated with external companies you work, collaborate, and partner with.

  • Intelligent Risk Assessments: IMMUNE X-TPRMTM harnesses the power of intelligent data analytics and machine learning, transforming the way you conduct risk assessments. Forget tedious manual evaluations; our platform offers an automated and smart analysis, customizing its assessments based on the unique profile and history of each third party.

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Stay ahead of potential issues with our real-time monitoring capabilities. IMMUNE X-TPRMTM scans multiple data sources continuously, alerting you to changes in third-party risk profiles, compliance statuses, or operational disruptions. You'll never be caught off guard again.

  • Empowering Action: With IMMUNE X-TPRMTM, you're not just identifying risks; you're mastering them. Our platform equips you with actionable insights and clear paths to resolution, allowing you to act promptly and effectively when needed. Say goodbye to indecision and uncertainty; welcome the era of empowered risk management.

  • Collaborative Interface: Foster collaboration across departments with our user-friendly interface. Whether it's procurement, legal, or compliance teams, IMMUNE X-TPRMTM enables seamless communication and shared insights, aligning your organization in managing third-party risks.

  • Compliance Made Simple: Navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape is a breeze with IMMUNE X-TPRMTM. Our platform integrates with existing regulatory frameworks, auto-updating to reflect changes, and ensuring your third-party relationships are always in compliance.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: IMMUNE X-TPRMTM is designed to grow with your business. Whether you're managing a handful of vendors or a global network of partners, our platform adapts to your needs, providing consistent performance and reliability.


Experience the future of third-party risk management with IMMUNE X-TPRMTM. Request a demonstration today, and discover how we're revolutionizing the way businesses manage external relationships, providing confidence, control, and clarity like never before. Join the growing number of companies embracing IMMUNE X-TPRMTM, and redefine what's possible in third-party risk management.


Financial Organizations

Financial firms dealing with a myriad of regulations and sensitive customer data can leverage our services. Our platform can help manage their third-party risks, ensure data privacy, meet regulatory compliance, and provide real-time insights into any potential threats.


Healthcare Organizations

A healthcare organization dealing with sensitive patient data could use our services to manage their third-party risks. Our platform can help identify any potential threats or breaches, provide real-time insights, and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations like HIPAA.


Education Industry

Educational institutions that work with various third-party service providers can utilize our platform to manage their third-party risks. Whether it's ensuring data privacy or managing vendor contracts, our platform offers an easy, efficient way to manage all risks in one place.


Manufacturing Industry

A global manufacturing company dealing with multiple suppliers and vendors across various geographies can use our services to manage their complex supply chain risks. Our platform provides a holistic view of all third-party risks and allows for proactive risk management.
Our Mission

Our mission is to empower businesses to take full control of their third-party risk management. We strive to provide an innovative, AI-driven platform that identifies, manages, and mitigates risk with precision and efficiency.

We are dedicated to offering customizable, real-time insights and a collaborative interface that allows our clients to navigate the complexities of their business risk landscape with ease and confidence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading risk management consultancy that not only helps businesses mitigate risks but also turns them into strategic opportunities.

We envision a world where organizations are fully equipped to address their third-party risks, fostering a secure, controlled environment that facilitates business growth. Through continuous innovation and deep industry knowledge, we aim to transform the way businesses perceive and manage third-party risks.

Unleashing the Power of Automated Risk Management and Compliance with

Combining artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques, we offer you an innovative platform designed to identify, manage, and mitigate third-party risks, and achieve success in your Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) journey.

Our solution includes an easy-to-use, collaborative
interface, comprehensive data privacy tools, and customizable dashboards that provide real-time risk insights.


” What a great solution for third party management. Bravo πŸ‘β€

-Β Andri Purnomo, CISO, DANA Indonesia Andri Purnomo


Give Us 60 Minutes & We’ll Show You How To Build a Resilient Third-Party Risk Management Strategy Without Overspending On Unnecessary Processes or Tools!

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Our Integrated Third-Party Risk Management Consultancy offers a
comprehensive solution to manage the complexities of modern business

Our consultancy service operates at the intersection of artificial
intelligence, deep learning, and risk management, offering businesses
a unique toolset to navigate their risk environments. Responsible Cyber
understands that each business is unique and has its own set of
challenges, and that's why we offer a tailor-made approach to risk management.

Our consultancy services are aimed at understanding your business's intricacies, assessing potential risks, and crafting personalized risk management strategies.

Our platform is highly intuitive, offering a user-friendly, collaborative interface that enables seamless communication and real-time updates. The dashboard can be customized according to your business needs, offering unparalleled visibility into your vendor risks.

We also provide extensive compliance services, ensuring your business stays in line with various regulatory standards. Our risk analytics services help you understand your risk profile better and offer strategies to mitigate them.

WARNING: You Could Be At Serious Risk Of Financial Loss

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