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Interview with Sarah Lockett at The London Exchange Studios in London, United Kingdom

The majority of IT professionals say their cyber security workforce isn’t good enough, according to several recent reports. And human error is the leading cause of cyber incidents – so there’s training, education, and culture-change job to be done. That’s where I came in, and decided to found a cyber security training, awareness, and advisory company Responsible Cyber, based in Singapore, and operating globally.

Interview Magda Chelly (Responsible Cyber) and Reuben Sinclair (Micro Focus)

Capture the Flag is essentially a competitive technical challenge involving classic attack/defend or red team/blue team scenarios. This makes it not only accessible, fun and engaging but also it does actually represent real world challenges that we face in cyber security. If we can better understand, at first hand, the vulnerabilities in systems in order to defeat and attack them then we can use that same learning to build more secure applications at the start, making them secure by design and also understand how to better defend and protect them.

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