Mikko Laaksonen

Co-Founder & TISO
Brief info

Technical Information Security Officer

Mikko Laaksonen has over 20 years’ experience in IT service and security management, including 10 years on international payment solution development with high-availability and security systems. Technical vision, based on the profound development experience, gives Mikko an intimate understanding of the power of the current technology components, including cryptography. He has been working on cryptography protocols and algorithms since several years, as part of the payment industry compliance requirements and the PCI-DSS standard. As part of his latest role as a CTO in a payment gateway company, Mikko was in charge of the below primary tasks:

  • Public key infrastructure (PKI) certificate management
  • Key Management
  • Hardware Security Modules, deployment and lifecycle management
  • Evaluating and improving existing cryptographic used algorithms (Following NIST Framework)
  • Preparation of Low Level Design (LLD) and High Level Design (HLD) documents
  • Strong encryption in transit and in rest
  • End to end encryption security design

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