Your Cloud Security is a Shared Responsibility

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Here’s How to Participate in Securing Your Cloud

More organizations are moving their operations to the cloud. This shift is fueled by the numerous benefits that firms could use to optimize their operations. For instance, if your business has moved some operations to the cloud, the cost for running physical data centers is reduced. Also, cloud infrastructure is scalable, efficient and offers accessible backup for your systems.

However, most businesses that have adopted cloud services ignore taking up cloud security responsibilities. These businesses, thus, have more exposure to attacks as they open more vulnerabilities for threat actors to exploit.

Over-Trusting Cloud Services

In a recent report on cloud adoption and risk, up to 12% of those interviewed stated that the cloud service provider (CSP) was solely responsible for their cloud security. Also, 69% said that they trusted their CSP to keep their cloud data secure. Your business must not overlook the need for contributing to the security of your cloud platform. Critically, for organizations adopting a cloud-first approach for their processes, moving to the cloud does not write off the need for cybersecurity. Rather, just like your approach, the security of the cloud must come first.

Shared Responsibility Model for Cloud Security

CSPs like Amazon, Google and Microsoft outline cloud security risks as a shared responsibility between the provider and the client. In general, the CSP is responsible for the security of the cloud, while the client is responsible for the security of their input to the cloud. The client is responsible for protecting the data they input and controlling permissions to access the data.

Most risks in cloud computing relate to data security. For infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), software-as-a-service (SaaS), and platform-as-a-service (PaaS), user access and data security remain the responsibility of the client. Both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure provide their clients with their shared responsibility models. This information is important to assist your organization in evaluating the extent of cloud security responsibility as a client for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, as each of these components of cloud computing has a varying extent of shared responsibility.

For instance, in IaaS, the user is responsible for data security, user access, network traffic, applications and operating systems of the infrastructure. However, for SaaS, the user is responsible for only user access and data security, leaving the rest of the cloud security responsibility for the CSP.


Shared Responsibility Model for Cloud Security Image: McAfee

Securing the Cloud

Securing physical data centers at your organization is handled by your IT team. Since the data center is connected to your organization’s local network, it is easier to enforce access to authorized personnel only. Despite the security personnel being solely responsible, the nature and scope of data centers make it easier to protect. For cloud security, your data is held remotely on a third-party’s infrastructure. The scope of cloud security spans the following elements:

Data Security;

Data is the main target for almost all cyber-attacks. Data breaches could hurt your business operations, including financial costs incurred in compensation and a bad public reputation. A multi-layered approach to securing data in the cloud ensures that all sensitive data like personally identifiable information (PII) and intellectual property (IP), is securely stored and access highly regulated.Cloud Component Configuration; Cloud misconfiguration is cause for most vulnerabilities and exposures in cloud services. Faulty setups of cloud computing assets could result in potential unsecured data storage, or excessive permissions. Scrutinizing inbound and outbound traffic and applying limits to the traffic helps you to account for granted access to your cloud components. Network detection and response (NDR) is a helpful tool for deep visibility into cloud traffic and agile response to anomalies.

Cloud Security architecture;

Overlooking the need for outlining a strategy for incorporating cloud services could pose serious threats on your cloud components. Developing a cloud security architecture before moving to the cloud helps your business prepare for cloud-based cyberattacks. Otherwise, your operations remain exposed to numerous threats.

Curbing Insider Threat;

Individuals, say current or former employees, potentially have access to your cloud components and could use the access unintentionally or maliciously against your operations. This threat could be hard to detect as the threat actor does not need to go through many security layers to access cloud components. Thus, providing training for employees will help reduce cases of insider negligence. Also, sensitive systems must be highly restricted, deeper in the security layers.

Access and Credential Management;

At least 8 in 10 organizations record incidents relating to unauthorized access using stolen credentials per month. Additionally, the dark web is fueling the threats on cloud services with 9 in 10 organizations’ credentials for sale on the dark web. Thus, your business is likely to suffer security incidents or data breaches. Applying strong password protections, multifactor authentication, scalable identity, credential and access management systems and secure cryptographic key protection is helpful for managing access into your business’ cloud components.


Dedicated Cloud Security Solutions

Cloud service is the most efficient option for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). However, without an effective cloud security framework, it is difficult to argue for its efficiency. While it may feel like your business is at risk, not at all if you are looking to fully utilize cloud service potential. Getting a dedicated provider for cloud security solutions is the giant leap towards achieving this massive potential. A managed cloud security service provider takes the responsibility of the client’s cloud security responsibilities. This allows you to focus on other operations to grow your business. The cloud security MSP offers assessments and guidance on security to assist in monitoring cloud security and managing access to cloud data.

Image: myTectra

Your Cloud Security Service Provider

As a client, handling cloud security can be hectic, taking up many resources from your business. You should consider managed cloud security services. Our dedicated cloud security services will help you achieve security and compliance standards on your cloud platform. We provide clients with security and incident management, including identity and access configuration. This includes a multifactor authentication (MFA) to reduce the risk of threats executed via compromised accounts.

We also help your business to evaluate its current cloud security preparedness to assist in laying a formidable security framework. Our solutions offer your business with a comprehensive cloud security management, including application building for PaaS and IaaS components. Additionally, the security covers physical infrastructure, data, networks, applications and all endpoint devices making up your cloud environment.

We take your shared responsibility in cloud security seriously. We are ready and up for your task!

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Your Cloud Security is a Shared Responsibility

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