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With 40% of cyber-attacks aimed at small businesses, and the average recovery costing $400K, cyber-security is no longer optional. It’s essential. That’s why Responsible Cyber brings you an advanced SaaS platform, underpinned by powerful AI technology to protect YOUR business, YOUR way.

Do you want to keep ahead of the competition ? Publish or share a public cybersecurity statement, reassuring your clients about their data security.

Are you having troubles with third-party security assessments for partners or clients ? IMMUNE helps your business be prepared.

Some Not-So-Fun Facts

Hackers execute an attack every 39 seconds

30% of phishing emails are opened

The average breach costs companies $21K+ daily

Just 14% of companies believe themselves to be cyber ready

The World is Under Attack.

Cybercriminals want your data, and they’re willing to destroy lives to get it. From sensitive credit card information to contact details, IP addresses, usernames and passwords, and beyond, cybercriminals are, unfortunately, very good at what they do, using sophisticated social engineering tactics to fulfill their mission.

Did you know that the number of cyberattacks worldwide rose by 600% in 2017 alone? There were around 50,000 attacks that year, compared to just 6,000 the year before. While we can’t stop cybercriminals from trying to hack you, we can make sure they don’t succeed.

Who We Are

Since 2016, Responsible Cyber has been reimagining the way businesses stay secure, from small start-ups to growing enterprises.

While cybersecurity is often unaffordable for small businesses, we are passionate about levelling out the playing field by making critical cybersecurity protocols available for all companies. We are unafraid to change trends in a world that’s become stagnant and vulnerable at the hands of cybercriminals. We’re here to say enough is enough, bringing new solutions to the table while bringing online criminals to their knees.

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