Safeguarding the Future: The Crucial Role of AI Penetration Testing

As access to AI technology becomes more widespread, organizations in every industry are adopting these cutting-edge technologies. However, as AI technology continues to be rapidly commercialized, new potential security vulnerabilities are quickly being surfaced. Organizations need to be testing their Large Language Model (LLM) applications and other AI systems to be sure they are free of common security vulnerabilities. To help with this effort, Bugcrowd is excited to announce the launch of AI Penetration Testing.

A Hacker's Perspective of Pen Testing for LLM Apps and Other AI Systems

There's no better way to understand the potential severity of vulnerabilities in AI systems than the ethical hackers who are testing these systems every day. Joseph Thacker, aka rez0, is a security researcher who specializes in application security and AI. We asked him to break down the current landscape of new vulnerabilities specific to AI.

"Even security-conscious developers may not fully understand new vulnerabilities specific to AI, such as prompt injection, so doing security testing on AI features is extremely important. In my experience, many of these new AI applications, especially those developed by startups or small teams, have traditional vulnerabilities as well. They seem to lack mature security practice making pentesting crucial for identifying those bugs, not to mention the new AI-related vulnerabilities.

Naturally, smaller organizations will have less security emphasis, but even large enterprises are moving very quickly to ship AI products and features, leading to more vulnerabilities than they would typically have. Since AI applications handle sensitive data (user information and often chat history), as well as often making decisions that impact users, pentesting is necessary to maintain trust and protect user data.

Regular pentesting of AI applications helps organizations stay ahead as the field of AI security is still in its early stages and new vulnerabilities are likely to emerge," rez0 said.

What AI Penetration Testing Includes

Bugcrowd AI Pen Tests help organizations uncover the most common application security flaws using a testing methodology based on our open-source Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy (VRT).

All AI Pen Tests include:

  • Trusted, vetted pentesters with the relevant skills, experience, and track record needed for your specific requirements
  • 24/7 visibility into timelines, findings, and pentesting progress
  • A testing methodology based on the OWASP Top 10 for LLMs and more
  • The ability to handle complex applications and features
  • Methodologies for both Standalone LLM and Outsourced applications
  • A detailed final report
  • Retesting (with one report update)

Trusted and Vetted Pentesters

Bugcrowd's AI Pen Tests are conducted by a team of trusted and vetted security researchers who have the necessary skills, experience, and track record to effectively test your AI applications. These pentesters are experts in both traditional application security and the unique vulnerabilities found in AI systems.

24/7 Visibility and Progress Tracking

Throughout the testing process, you'll have 24/7 visibility into the timeline, findings, and overall progress of the penetration test. This allows you to stay informed and make timely decisions as the testing progresses.

Testing Methodology Based on OWASP Top 10 for LLMs

The testing methodology used in Bugcrowd's AI Pen Tests is based on the OWASP Top 10 for LLMs, as well as other common vulnerabilities found in AI applications. This ensures a comprehensive and thorough approach to identifying security flaws.

Handling Complex Applications and Features

Bugcrowd's AI Pen Tests are designed to handle the complexity of modern AI applications, including standalone LLM systems and those that are integrated into larger, outsourced applications. Our pentesters have the expertise to effectively test these complex systems.

Methodologies for Standalone and Outsourced LLMs

Whether your AI application is a standalone LLM system or one that is integrated into a larger, outsourced application, Bugcrowd's AI Pen Tests have the appropriate methodologies to ensure a thorough and effective testing process.

Detailed Final Report and Retesting

At the end of the testing process, you'll receive a detailed final report that outlines the findings, severity, and recommended remediation steps. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to retest the application with one report update, ensuring that any identified issues have been properly addressed.

The Importance of Staying Ahead

The field of AI security is still in its early stages, and new vulnerabilities are likely to emerge as the technology continues to evolve. By regularly conducting AI penetration testing, organizations can stay ahead of the curve and maintain the trust and security of their AI systems.

Protecting sensitive data and ensuring the integrity of AI-powered decision-making is crucial. Bugcrowd's AI Pen Tests provide the comprehensive testing and expertise needed to identify and address security vulnerabilities, helping organizations embrace the power of AI while safeguarding the future.


As the adoption of AI technology accelerates, it's essential for organizations to prioritize the security of their AI systems. Bugcrowd's AI Penetration Testing services offer a comprehensive and trusted approach to identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities, enabling organizations to harness the full potential of AI while maintaining the trust and security of their users.

By embracing AI penetration testing, organizations can stay ahead of the curve, protect sensitive data, and ensure the integrity of their AI-powered applications. It's a crucial step in the journey towards a secure and trusted AI-driven future.

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