Responsible Cyber Affiliate Program

Elevate Your Earnings Through Cybersecurity Expertise

Fuelled by a fervent dedication, we're reshaping the digital landscape to be more than just safe and secure. We envision a cyber ecosystem that is sustainably managed for the long haul, where safety doesn't just last, but evolves. Spearheading the next wave of cybersecurity innovation, we proudly unveil our trailblazing AI-driven solutions: IMMUNE X-TPRM and IMMUNE GRC.

Dive into IMMUNE X-TPRM and discover our definitive solution to the intricate puzzles of contemporary third-party risk management. Meanwhile, IMMUNE GRC elegantly refines and integrates governance, risk, and compliance, making them seamlessly interconnected.

Why Align with Responsible Cyber?

Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd., anchored in Singapore with registration number 201616321C and a robust capital base, is a shining beacon of cybersecurity excellence in the digital realm.

With esteemed corporate shareholders like Singtel Innov8 and NUS Enterprise propelling us forward, our foundation is further bolstered by the expertise of our founders, Dr. Magda Chelly and Mikko Laaksonen. Both are stalwarts in the cybersecurity landscape. Our shared vision is to sculpt a cyber ecosystem that's not just shielded against threats but is also conscientiously curated for enduring resilience and sustainability.

We proudly introduce our twin AI-driven innovations to the cyber world: IMMUNE X-TPRM and IMMUNE GRC. The former addresses the intricate challenges of contemporary third-party risk management, while the latter refines and simplifies governance, risk, and compliance dynamics.

Why Partner with Responsible Cyber?

🔹 Industry Leaders: Partner with a team recognized for its expertise and innovative approach in the cybersecurity landscape.

🔹 AI-Powered Solutions: Harness the power of our AI-driven products, IMMUNE X-TPRM and IMMUNE GRC, which are designed to address modern-day challenges with precision.

🔹 Endorsed by Giants: With corporate shareholders like Singtel Innov8 and NUS Enterprise, our credentials are backed by the best in the business.

🔹 Founders with Vision: Benefit from the vast experience and foresight of our founders, Dr. Magda Chelly and Mikko Laaksonen, ensuring your cybersecurity needs are in expert hands.

🔹 Sustainable Cyber Ecosystem: Join a mission that goes beyond just security – to create a cyber environment that is responsibly maintained for long-term resilience.

🔹 User-Centric Platform: Our solutions transcend traditional models, focusing on user needs and offering an integrated, intuitive experience. Boost Your Financial Spectrum with Responsible Cyber

🔹 Matchless CPA Earnings: Generate between $400 to $1,000 for every fresh connection you facilitate.

🔹 Cyber Affiliate’s Dream Conversion: Relish unmatched conversion rates in the cybersecurity sector.

Worldwide Media, Conferences, and Events

Join the Responsible Cyber Affiliate Program and align yourself with a brand that's internationally celebrated. We aren't just another name in cybersecurity; we're a global phenomenon, frequently spotlighted by worldwide media and eminent at international conferences and events.

As an affiliate, you'll be championing a recognized thought leader whose insights are in demand by global media powerhouses.

But it's not just about recognition; it's about impact. Our proactive engagement at global stages underlines our dedication to knowledge sharing, innovation driving, and collaborative growth in cybersecurity.

When you advocate for Responsible Cyber, you're not just promoting a product – you're inviting others into a mission. A mission where we, along with thousands of peers, experts, and businesses, are jointly scripting a safer digital narrative.

Don't just watch the change; be a part of it. Join us in our quest for a secure digital future for everyone.


🔹How do I embark on the Responsible Cyber Affiliate voyage?

Response: Simply head to our 'Affiliate' section on the Responsible Cyber website. Once there, you'll find an easy-to-follow signup process to kickstart your affiliate journey with us.

🔹What prerequisites exist for the Affiliate Initiative?

Response: All we require is a keen interest in promoting cybersecurity awareness, an active online presence (such as a blog, website, or social media platform), and adherence to our ethical guidelines. Further details can be found in our Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

🔹Will I receive promotional resources for Responsible Cyber's advocacy?

Response: Certainly! Once onboarded, you'll have a plethora of promotional instruments like captivating banners, infographics, emblems, and more at your disposal. Specific needs or ideas? Connect with us at

🔹How does Responsible Cyber identify my referred leads?

Response: When you sign up, you'll receive a unique affiliate code/link. This link helps us trace back leads, signups, or purchases to your referral. Our advanced tracking system ensures that all your efforts are recognized and rewarded.

🔹Insights on remuneration: mode and schedule?

Response: We offer competitive commissions paid on a monthly basis. Payments are made through bank transfers, PayPal, or other prevalent digital payment methods. Detailed structures and schedules can be found in the Affiliate Dashboard.

🔹Is there a reward for self-referrals?

Response: While we encourage referring others, self-referrals are not eligible for commissions. Our aim is to expand our user base through genuine recommendations.

🔹How do deceptive referrals impact my earnings?

Response: We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards deceptive referrals. Engaging in such activities can lead to withheld payments and possible termination of the affiliate partnership.

🔹Are there any promotional boundaries I should be aware of?

Response: Yes, we expect our affiliates to maintain a high standard of ethical promotion. Misleading information, spammy methods, or any practices against our guidelines will not be tolerated. For a comprehensive list, refer to our Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

🔹For affiliate-centric inquiries, who’s my go-to contact?

Response: For all affiliate-related questions or concerns, you can reach out to our dedicated affiliate support team at They're always ready to assist!

🔹Need deeper insights? Connect with our team.

Response: Absolutely! We're always here to guide and support. Drop us an email, and we'll get back to you promptly.

On Cybersecurity Innovation Day 2022, Mr Janil Puthucheary, the Senior Minister of State of the Ministry of Health of Singapore gave special mention to Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd. in his opening speech for the launch of the 4th Cybersecurity Industry Call for Innovation by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), supported by ICE71. As our AI-powered cyber risk management platform IMMUNE continues to gain traction, we are deeply grateful and humbled for the recognition and wish to thank everyone that has been supportive of our journey. For recognising the work that we do and helping us spread the good word, you're empowering us to continually make valuable contributions to the cybersecurity ecosystem in Singapore. Here's to more shared milestones!

Engage us; a licensed cybersecurity service provider

Companies are encouraged to engage licensed cybersecurity service providers. Responsible Cyber has officially been granted the license to provide Penetration Testing Services in Singapore, bearing the License No: CS/PTS/C-2023-0413.