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Embrace the quantum era with confidence. Our Quantum Readiness Assessment evaluates your organisation's stance in this revolutionary tech landscape, offering strategic insights for integration and fortification.

Quantum computing promises unparalleled power, heralding a new era in technology. But, with great power comes potential vulnerability. Our Quantum Readiness Assessment evaluates your organization's preparedness for this quantum shift, ensuring you're not only ready to leverage its strengths but also fortified against its potential threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Quantum Readiness Assessment?

A Quantum Readiness Assessment evaluates an organisation's preparedness for the advent of quantum computing, examining both the opportunities it offers and the potential security threats it poses.

Why is Quantum Readiness essential for businesses?

Quantum computing will revolutionise industries by providing computational power previously deemed impossible. Being prepared ensures businesses can harness its benefits while safeguarding against its novel security challenges.

How does quantum computing impact cybersecurity?

Quantum computers have the potential to break certain cryptographic protocols currently deemed secure. This makes many contemporary encryption methods vulnerable, necessitating the shift to quantum-resistant cryptography.

Does every organisation need a Quantum Readiness Assessment?

While particularly critical for industries heavily reliant on data security, considering the pervasive nature of quantum's impact, it's beneficial for all forward-thinking organisations to gauge their quantum readiness.

How can we maintain quantum readiness in the long run?

Continual learning, monitoring of quantum advancements, and periodic reassessments are key. As the quantum landscape evolves, so should your organisation's strategies and preparations.

  • "Hiring Magda as our Asia Pacific BISO (Business Information Security Officer) led to great outcomes in improving our General I.T. and Cyber Security posture including a significant increase in business awareness of the role all employees have in ensuring resilient security."

    Gary Smith, CIO

  • "At JLT Magda came in to be an important part of our group CISO office. She hit the ground running and has an amazing ability to build credibility and strong business relationships fast. She really understands Cyber risk and is able to communicate in terms that people understand, providing pragmatic advice and also driving change and improvement. It's an honour working with her."

    Simon Legg, Group CISO

  • "One particular client where compliance and regulatory requirements were key stands out where Magda and her colleagues were exemplary in their Security Policy and Planning. I enjoyed debate as well as the level of professionalism. When looking for someone to educate, advise and lead on security initiatives Magda always comes to mind."

    Hitan Mehta, CEO Asia

What we offer

Deep Dive into Quantum Mechanics

Acquaint your team with the intricacies of quantum computing, its potentials, and challenges, setting a clear foundation for readiness.

Current Infrastructure Evaluation

How quantum-ready is your existing tech stack? We scrutinise your current infrastructure to pinpoint areas needing reinforcement or evolution.

Threat Landscape Analysis

With quantum's power, new threat vectors emerge. We'll map out potential quantum-related cyber threats tailored to your industry and operations.

Strategic Quantum Integration Planning

Beyond readiness, we'll help you devise a roadmap for the seamless integration of quantum solutions into your existing processes.

Continuous Monitoring and Updates

Stay ahead of the curve with regular updates on the ever-evolving quantum computing landscape, ensuring sustained preparedness.

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