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In our interconnected business world, your organisation's safety isn't just about guarding your own walls but ensuring those you collaborate with are secure too. With the Third Party Risk Management Framework Consultancy, we don't just identify potential external risks - we help you build robust frameworks to manage, mitigate, and monitor them.

Navigate the complexities of third-party collaborations with confidence. Our consultancy service offers holistic risk analyses, framework design, and ongoing monitoring, ensuring your external partnerships remain secure and trustworthy.

  • "Hiring Magda as our Asia Pacific BISO (Business Information Security Officer) led to great outcomes in improving our General I.T. and Cyber Security posture including a significant increase in business awareness of the role all employees have in ensuring resilient security."

    Gary Smith, CIO

  • "At JLT Magda came in to be an important part of our group CISO office. She hit the ground running and has an amazing ability to build credibility and strong business relationships fast. She really understands Cyber risk and is able to communicate in terms that people understand, providing pragmatic advice and also driving change and improvement. It's an honour working with her."

    Simon Legg, Group CISO

  • "One particular client where compliance and regulatory requirements were key stands out where Magda and her colleagues were exemplary in their Security Policy and Planning. I enjoyed debate as well as the level of professionalism. When looking for someone to educate, advise and lead on security initiatives Magda always comes to mind."

    Hitan Mehta, CEO Asia

What we offer

Holistic External Risk Analysis

Dive deep into the web of third-party connections and map out every potential vulnerability, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

Framework Design & Implementation

Our experts craft tailored risk management frameworks that fit your business needs and assist in seamlessly integrating them into your operations.

Ongoing Monitoring & Reporting

Stay informed with real-time updates on third-party risks, accompanied by detailed reports to help you make informed decisions.

Training & Capacity Building

Equip your team with the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain and update the third-party risk management framework, ensuring long-term sustainability.

Incident Response Planning

In the face of potential third-party breaches or vulnerabilities, have a well-defined, swift action plan in place to mitigate damages and restore security.

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