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Responsible Cyber consistently marks its presence on the global stage through its active participation in worldwide media, conferences, and events. Recognized as a thought leader in cybersecurity, our contributions and insights are often sought by international media houses, ensuring that the public and businesses are kept abreast of the latest trends and threats in the digital world.

Furthermore, our involvement in global conferences and events reaffirms our commitment to fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and driving innovation in cybersecurity. As we connect with peers, industry experts, and businesses at these events, we are reminded of the collective responsibility we hold in shaping a secure digital future for all.

Press Releases

Singapore News: Dr. Magda Chelly, a Cybersecurity Expert Earns a Spot on the SG100WIT List

More Released on September 7, 2023

Responsible Cyber Officially Licensed to Provide Penetration Testing Services in Singapore

More Released on September 6, 2023

Going Above and Beyond: Here’s what you can Expect from Singapore-Grown Start-Up Responsible Cyber at Tech Week Singapore 2023

More Released on September 5, 2023

Cyber Essential Certification awarded to Responsible Cyber

More Released on September 5, 2023

Responsible Cyber Managing Director Doctor Magda Lilia CHELLY has been interviewed by Forbes Poland.

"Magda Chelly was born in Poland, raised in Tunisia, and earned her doctorate in telecommunications in Paris. She now runs a cybersecurity consulting firm in Singapore. While she considers herself a global citizen, Chelly always returns to Poland for the holidays.

Chelly is a dynamic speaker and a proactive expert in her field. Although her current venture is in cybersecurity, it's evident that she has much more to offer in the business world. Interestingly, during one of her recent longer holidays in December, while visiting a Polish hairdresser, she was struck with an idea for a new business venture. She noticed the discomfort of the chairs used in Polish hair salons, contrasting them with the more comfortable ones in Singapore where she has been residing for eight years. This observation sparked her interest in introducing these cozy seats to Poland."

(Photo by: Anka Grzelewska, assistant photographer: Damian Tomszewski)

Read the full article: Magda Chelly on Forbes.