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The strongest cybersecurity systems can fall prey to human error. The key to truly safeguarding your organisation is not just in sophisticated tech solutions, but in fostering a well-informed workforce. With Cyber Awareness Program Building, we help you design comprehensive programs that empower, enlighten, and protect your team from the ground up.

Craft a resilient workforce with Cyber Awareness Program Building. From tailored content to real-world simulations, nurture a culture of vigilance and protect your organisation from the inside out.

  • "What I liked most was the practical solutions she offered. Magda is a no nonsense, straight talking professional that doesn’t use scare tactics like some others I’ve come across! Her focus on educating clients and building confidence makes her invaluable."

    Germaine Chia, COO

  • "I have been working with Magda on cyber-security projects for my team. This was a great experience with her positive and innovative approach to empower people around cyber-security good practices. She mixes knowledge, games, with a customized methodology to change the perception of technical training. I would recommend her work as we are going further with other projects, together."

    Fabien Giordano, CEO - North Asia

  • "It was a great experience to work with Magda. Not only that she understands the technical security infrastructure but she is well organized, thinks and plans ahead of the required actions and has a unique skill set to push the team towards the project goals. Any time again."

    Michael Gerber, CEO

What we offer

Custom Content

Every organisation has unique needs. Our programs are tailored to your industry, company size, and specific challenges, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

Interactive Training Modules

Move beyond the mundane with interactive sessions that engage, challenge, and educate employees, ensuring better retention and application.

Real-world Simulation Exercises

Experience the world of cyber threats first-hand with simulations, allowing employees to practice their responses and hone their awareness in a controlled environment.

Continuous Learning and Updates

The cyber world is ever-evolving. Ensure your team stays updated with periodic program refreshers, new insights, and the latest threat intelligence.

Metrics and Feedback Mechanism

Evaluate the success of the program and areas for improvement with in-built metrics, surveys, and feedback mechanisms, ensuring constant evolution and relevance.

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