5 Simple Yet Powerful Techniques You Can Use To Efficiently Manage Third-Party Risks – Even If You Don’t Know Where To Start

We live in an era of unprecedented unpredictability. The world's landscape is constantly reshaped by various disruptions - be it macroeconomic instability, geopolitical transformations, climate change, regulatory amendments, cybersecurity threats, or public health crises. These changes are redefining the conventional approach to risk management.
Establishing a robust Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) process is one of the most rewarding achievements you can have as a business leader. When you have a well-managed TPRM, you gain stronger security, enhanced operational efficiency, and improved reputation - the backbone of any thriving business.
However, the journey to an effective TPRM is not without its share of challenges. From implementing solid control mechanisms and ensuring compliance to managing a constantly growing vendor network and the particularly daunting task of safeguarding your business from vendor access risks, these hurdles can deter you from establishing a comprehensive TPRM, thereby obstructing your pursuit of a secure and efficient operation.

Luckily, navigating third-party risks doesn’t have to be as arduous as it appears. With the correct strategies, you can address these challenges without the usual frustrations.

At Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd., we're experts at assisting businesses in streamlining their TPRM process promptly and efficiently. Over the past decade, we've empowered several clients to effectively manage their third-party risks, avoiding the years of hard work and trial and error that typically come with the territory.

We've assembled this guide to share potent industry secrets we've accumulated during our years in the field. This information will help you enhance your TPRM while preventing potential pitfalls.

You’re about to discover:

  • 5 simple techniques you can use to manage third-party risks - even if you're a novice in the field.
  • How to evade the 3 most common TPRM mistakes - even a single one of these errors could cost you thousands and set you back months.
  • 5 insider secrets to improve your TPRM in as little as 6 months - secret number 2 will astonish you!
  • The TRUTH about TPRM and why many businesses fall short of managing their third-party risks effectively.

By the time you’ve finished this guide, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to kick-start your journey towards a comprehensive and efficient TPRM process.

Let's dive in!

Cyber Intuition


As human beings, we adopt technology fast. But for us - cybersecurity professionals, the way we use technology might put everyone at risk ... Yet, we are doing a fine job of alienating everyone we are trying to reach by presenting “cybersecurity” as if it were a known domain to all. The assumption that everyone from the laymen to the experts would be able to understand cybersecurity in the same way does not hold. So, is there a way to make cybersecurity simple and easy for everyone to understand?

In this breezy talk, Magda shares some of her top tips to build and drive cyber intuition. Dr. Magda Chelly is an award-winning global cybersecurity leader. IFSEC Global has listed her as one of one of the top 20 most influential cybersecurity personalities globally, in 2017 and 2021. After years of experience as Information Security Officer in several multinational organisations, she co-founded Responsible Cyber, a cybersecurity start-up which was valued at SGD7 million in 2020. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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