Our Client Engagement

Uncertainty brings along risks, yet hidden within these risks are opportunities waiting to be discovered. Opportunities to venture into new markets, outmaneuver less adaptive competitors, strategize valuable acquisitions, and foster trust among stakeholders. Opportunities to excel and prosper.

Prospering in uncertainty doesn't occur by chance, it requires resilience. Resilient organizations anticipate the storms, react swiftly, and adapt proactively to emerge fortified.

From the executive suite to the operational level, Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd. empowers organizations to boldly confront uncertainty, forge resilience, and fuel growth.

We create an impact by incorporating a comprehensive understanding of the risk landscape with deep industry knowledge and regulatory expertise.

Utilizing our proprietary solutions, advanced analytics, and successful change management tools, we join hands with our clients to strategize, implement and build capabilities, catering to all their needs in between.

Engage us; a licensed cybersecurity service provider

Companies are encouraged to engage licensed cybersecurity service providers. Responsible Cyber has officially been granted the license to provide Penetration Testing Services in Singapore, bearing the License No: CS/PTS/C-2023-0413.

Third-Party Risk Management

With a client-centric approach, we provide tailored strategies to mitigate risks, ensuring the sustained growth and integrity of your business. The team of experts offers comprehensive support, including risk assessments, contractual reviews, and ongoing surveillance, making them an invaluable partner in managing the complexities of today's interconnected business environment.

We strive to ensure that your organization maintains compliance and security in its operations, employing a sophisticated, AI-powered analytics system we built, called IMMUNE X-TPRM. This system efficiently identifies, assesses, and monitors potential threats linked to vendors, suppliers, or other associates. It scans through a vast pool of data, unveiling possible legal, financial, or reputational vulnerabilities.

Cyber Governance & Compliance

Maintaining a robust cybersecurity posture is not just a matter of implementing the right technology; it also requires comprehensive cybersecurity governance and adherence to industry-standard compliance measures. At Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd., we provide top-tier services to ensure your organization meets and exceeds the requirements set by leading international standards like ISO2700:2013, NIST, and CIS.

Our cybersecurity governance services go beyond simple compliance. We offer comprehensive strategies that align your security measures with your business objectives, ensuring that your cybersecurity defenses effectively support your organization's mission. Our experts work with your team to understand your unique needs, developing a governance framework that provides a clear structure for decision-making, accountability, and oversight.

Cyber Risk Management and Quantification

Responsible Cyber offers comprehensive Cyber Risk Management and Quantification services, leveraging her extensive experience in insurance and risk management. Dr. Chelly's unique blend of academic and practical proficiency offers a multi-dimensional approach to cyber risk, helping organizations to effectively identify, assess, and mitigate their exposure.

The services extend to quantifying cyber risks, enabling businesses to make data-informed decisions. This includes evaluating potential financial impact of cyber incidents, guiding investment in cyber security controls, and supporting effective cyber insurance coverage decisions.

Through Responsible Cyber, clients receive tailored services that match their specific needs and risk profile, ensuring a robust and resilient cybersecurity infrastructure.

Cloud Security Assessment and Mitigation

Responsible Cyber provides Cloud Security Assessment and Mitigation services using the shared-responsibility model.

This model is a security and compliance framework that outlines the responsibilities of cloud service providers (CSPs) and customers for securing every aspect of the cloud environment, including hardware, infrastructure, endpoints, data, configurations, settings, operating system (OS), network controls and access rights.

Simply put, the shared responsibility model outlines what security actions an organization is responsible for and what security actions the CSP should manage.

This helps to ensure that both parties are aware of their responsibilities in maintaining the security of the cloud environment.

Cyber Awareness and Training

In the fast-paced digital landscape, Cyber Awareness and Training are paramount in protecting your organization's assets. Responsible Cyber, in partnership with KnowBe4, offers tailored programs to arm your team against the relentless tide of cybersecurity threats.

We focus on your organization's unique needs, designing Cyber Awareness and Training initiatives that align with your specific objectives and industry benchmarks. More than mere knowledge dissemination, our services aim to embed a culture where cybersecurity awareness is woven into every facet of your business.

By investing in Responsible Cyber's Cyber Awareness and Training, you're empowering your team to become vigilant custodians of your digital realm, reducing risks and fortifying your organization's overall security stance.

With the strength of KnowBe4's expertise behind us, we ensure a resilient defense against the challenges of the modern cyber environment.

Penetration Testing and Red Team

In the complex terrain of cybersecurity, Penetration Testing and Red Teaming stand as critical measures to unearth hidden vulnerabilities.

To proceed with such services, companies are encouraged to engage licensed cybersecurity service providers, and Responsible Cyber is proud to be officially granted the license to provide Penetration Testing Services in Singapore, bearing License No: CS/PTS/C-2023-0413.

Our specialized Penetration Testing and Red Teaming services are designed to simulate real-world cyber attacks, identifying weak points in your security posture. By employing a rigorous, hands-on approach that mimics the tactics of actual attackers, we not only pinpoint potential breaches but also offer actionable insights to reinforce your defenses.

Engaging with Responsible Cyber's licensed Penetration Testing and Red Teaming experts enables you to proactively combat threats, ensuring the robustness and resilience of your digital infrastructure in the face of ever-emerging cyber risks.

"Magda and her team, with their advanced knowledge in the cybersecurity space and in-depth knowledge in cyber insurance, has brought together many key areas of the cybersecurity domain, which will empower companies in building cyber resiliency and buying cyber insurance."

IT Director, Research Organization, Singapore

"IMMUNE X-TPRM has completely transformed the way we manage third-party risks. Its customisable workflows and automated checks have enabled us to streamline our risk management processes and gain a comprehensive view of our third-party risk profile."

Myriam Zekri, Engineer, Tunisian University

"The platform's automated risk analyser and custom risk assessments have given us the ability to identify and mitigate risks associated with our third-parties with greater accuracy and efficiency."

Andrew Taylor, Senior Vice President Financial Lines, MSIG Asia

Quantum Readiness Assessment

In an era where quantum computing is advancing at an unprecedented pace, Quantum Readiness is no longer a futuristic concept but an urgent necessity. The development of quantum computers poses a significant threat to current cryptographic systems, rendering conventional encryption methods potentially obsolete. This can lead to catastrophic failures in protecting sensitive information, sparking a massive domino effect across industries and economies.

Quantum Readiness, therefore, becomes critical in equipping organizations with the tools, strategies, and insights required to face these emerging challenges. It's about proactive preparation, safeguarding against the known and unknown quantum-related risks, and positioning businesses to thrive in the quantum era.


Uniting with Quantum Blockchains Inc., Because Responsible Cyber Works with the Best Expertise in Quantum Innovation


Securing AI-Based Tools Usage

In an era where AI-based tools are rapidly becoming a part of everyday work, security concerns linked to these technologies are also rising. Responsible Cyber specializes in helping companies address the issues arising from employees using random AI tools, such as unauthorized data handling, privacy breaches, and non-compliance with organizational policies.

Our services ensure that your organization can leverage AI capabilities safely and responsibly.


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