• Product Officers

    Our Product Officers make sure that the products we develop meet your needs and expectations.

  • Cybersecurity Experts

    Our Cybersecurity Experts ensure your operations remain secure and compliant.

  • Account Managers

    Our Account Managers offer personalised advice and solutions to help you maximise your investment.

  • Quality Team

    Our Quality Team ensures high-quality standards in every project, document, and client interaction.

Telecommunications provider in Madagascar fortifies its cyber defences with Responsible Cyber

As the primary service provider in the heart of Madagascar, the leading national telecommunication provider aimed to understand their vulnerabilities with our comprehensive Cyber Risk Assessment.

  • Threat Modelling

    Identification of potential threat actors, their motivations, and possible attack vectors

  • Vulnerability Scanning

    Identifying vulnerabilities in the system, from outdated software patches to potential backdoors in the network

  • Data Flow Analysis

    Tracing the flow of sensitive information across the network to ensure encryption and security at every touchpoint

  • Recommendations and Action Plan

    A phased action plan complete with recommended countermeasures to identified vulnerabilities and threats

  • Cybersecurity Strategy & Roadmap

    A three-year strategy and roadmap with detailed steps to bolster and reinforce organisation-wide cyber defences over time

  • Training and Awareness

    Workshops and training sessions to ensure staff are aware of best practices and can act as the first line of defence against potential threats

  • Education

  • Social Sector

  • Aerospace and Defence

  • Metals & Mining, Oil & Gas

  • largo cargo boat handling international shipment of goods

    Travel, Logistics & Infrastructure

  • online shopping haul


  • filming in office

    Technology, Media & Telecommunications

  • Singapore's cityscape

    Public Sector

  • Healthcare

  • Bitcoin meets Virtual Reality

    Financial Services

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