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Immune GRC

Our intelligent platform is your premier assistant in understanding and managing risks and ensure compliance. From regulatory changes to stakeholder expectations, stay consistently ahead of the curve.

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Picture this. It's another bustling morning in the office, and you're diving deep into a sea of emails, policy updates, and organisational guidelines. You're balancing the immense responsibilities of governance, risk management, and compliance while ensuring that every aspect of your organisation adheres to the highest standards. The weight of these duties feels like a growing stack of paperwork on your desk.

Now, visualise that burden lifting, transforming the complex maze of GRC into a clear, straightforward path leading towards operational excellence. Feel the surge of confidence as you tap into real-time data analytics, comprehensive audits, and robust compliance metrics. Inhale the air of assurance, releasing any lingering apprehensions.

That's the transformative power of our Governance, Risk, and Compliance Platform, IMMUNE GRC.

Manage governance strategies, risk assessments, and compliance obligations seamlessly with our innovative platform. Envision AI-enhanced analytics, cloud-driven agility, and a user interface so intuitive that even those usually wary of technology will find it refreshingly easy.

Revel in the satisfaction as IMMUNE GRC swiftly pinpoints areas needing attention, letting you concentrate on big-picture strategy rather than the minutiae.

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Responsible Cyber

Immune GRC

Immune GRC

The Ultimate Platform for Holistic Risk, and Compliance Management


IMMUNE GRC utilises scanners to analyse the technology your organisation uses and provide an extensive overview of your business's cyber security exposures.

With IMMUNE GRC, you will be able to craft a cybersecurity strategy that's as dynamic and responsive as the evolving threat landscape.

Harnessing the power of Threat Intelligence, IMMUNE GRC amalgamates data from a myriad of global sources to predict potential cyber-attacks.

In the event of a cybersecurity incident, IMMUNE GRC provides immediate alerts and guides the necessary response actions.

With a keen emphasis on business continuity, IMMUNE GRC reminds you with tasks in place to keep regular backups — be it on-site, off-site, or cloud-based.

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    Automated Auditing and Reporting

    Transition from tedious manual processes and analyse vast amounts of data effortlessly.

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    Comprehensive Compliance Mapping

    Achieve compliance with international standards, like ISO 27001:2022.

  • strategy

    Proactive Risk Remediation

    Address vulnerabilities before they escalate.

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