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Third-Party Risk Assessment and Management Toolkit

Third-Party Risk Assessment and Management Toolkit

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Featured Topics

  • Third-Party Risk Identification Processes
  • Due Diligence Procedures
  • Contract Management Strategies
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Risk Reporting
  • Incident Management and Remediation

Product Highlights

  • Customisable TPRM Frameworks
  • Training and Educational Resources
  • Integration Capabilities
  • internet of things

    Comprehensive Risk Analysis

    Accurate Attack Surface Recognition and Vulnerability and Technology Oversight

  • b2b

    Strategic Partnership Management

    Gain clarity with automated differentiation between third and fourth parties.

  • balance

    Contractual Security

    Create contractual clauses that emphasise security and privacy, ensuring a fortified legal stance.

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Comprehensive tools for assessing risks associated with third-party vendors. Includes templates and checklists.