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Third-Party Risk Assessment Toolkit

Third-Party Risk Assessment Toolkit

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Precision-engineered for organisations that prioritise in-depth risk assessments of third-party collaborators, this toolkit offers a systematic approach to thoroughly vetting and understanding potential external engagements.

Step into a new era of third-party collaborations with comprehensive insights and unmatched confidence. Optimise your external engagements with our Third-Party Risk Assessment Toolkit (Questionnaires).

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Expansive Collection of Questionnaires: Access a comprehensive suite of over 120 meticulously crafted questionnaires tailored for diverse third-party assessments.

Tailored Assessment Protocols: Designed for robust third-party evaluations, these tools facilitate a deep dive into potential vulnerabilities and opportunities.

Scalable Assessment Methods: From smaller suppliers to multinational service providers, our questionnaires cater to all scales.

Review & Analysis Checklists: Post-assessment tools that aid in interpreting results, drawing insights, and framing action points.

Interactive & Intuitive Templates: Ensuring ease-of-use and clear understanding, optimizing the effectiveness of each assessment.



  • Assessment Foundation: Grounding users in the core principles and objectives behind third-party risk assessments.
  • Initiation Guide: Step-by-step instructions to roll out a systematic third-party assessment.
  • Strategic Orientation: Mapping out the broader objectives and benefits of comprehensive third-party evaluations.
  • Risk Policy Frameworks: Establishing the ground rules and benchmarks for all assessments.


  • Assessment Mechanisms: Detailed guides and methodologies on leveraging the questionnaires most effectively.
  • Risk-Centric Frameworks: A focus on categorizing, prioritizing, and contextualizing risks stemming from third-party engagements.


  • Standard Questionnaire Guidelines: Ensuring consistency, clarity, and depth in every assessment rolled out.


  • Segmented Questionnaire Sets: Categorized by vendor type, industry, scale, and service, for granular assessments.
  • Evaluation Metrics & Scoring Systems: Tools to quantitatively and qualitatively measure third-party risks and potential.


  • Post-Assessment Tools: A robust set of tools to analyze, interpret, and derive actionable insights from each assessment.
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